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Hi I’m Paulo and I’m nuts about socks, all types of socks. this blog is for other sock lovers, I’ll be posting all about socks and what socks are really all about. You are free to post and comment also.

Socks For Your Happy Feet

socks4Socks are something that you wear on your feet and they are something you will want to wear everyday. Why? Because the feet are one of the “sweaters” in the body. It’s estimated they can produce one US pint of perspiration everyday. Wearing socks can help absorb sweat and move it to areas where the air can evaporate it. But sweat aside, wearing socks can help protect your feet against frostbite.

The word socks itself is derived from the word socc, an old English word which means “light slipper”. Socc, in turn, is derived from the word “soccus”, which refers to a light, low-heeled shoe that’s worn by the comic actors in Rome. Soccus, in turn, is derived for the Greek word sykchos.

If you’re wondering about the history of socks, the earliest pair can be dated to 300 to 500 AD, excavated from a spot by the river Nile in Egypt. Its split toes were designed to be used with sandals. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Egyptians were the only ancient people to ever think about making socks. As a matter of fact, the precursor of the modern socks can be found all over the ancient world, in Greece and Rome.

In 1000 AD, socks actually became a status symbol for wealth among the noble close, however, the invention of the knitting machine in 1589 meant that this footwear could be mass produced.

Up until 1938, socks were commonly made from wool, cotton, and silk. But then nylon was invented and thus started another revolution in sock production. More materials followed, including polyester, olefins, and spandex.

A third of the world’s sock production is actually produced in the Datang district in the city Zhuji, Zhejiang Province in China. The town produces 8 billion pairs of socks every year, earning the moniker “Sock City”. It effectively makes two pairs of socks for all the people on the planet.

Socks actually come in different styles, and while there are socks that go up just a few inches below the knee, there are what you would call “bare socks” or socks that extend only to the ankles.

There are also toe socks or sock where each toe is encased just like each finger in a glove is encased. While some people find toe socks weird in appearance, some people actually do find it very comfortable and cool.

If you know anything about socks, you already know that there are many, many stores out there that sell socks in different styles and colors. You only need to go to Amazon or any other online store to see what we mean.

socks3Between men and women, women are less fond of wearing socks, unless if it were part of their uniform. But there are actually certain types of socks out there that extend way above the knee and can provide wonderful protection for your legs especially during the winter months. The good thing about it is that they don’t look bad at all, and you can wear a skirt over them.